Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumn Glory - RE POST

Good Morning!

It's become something of an annual occurrence  to repost this old blogpost that I did way back. And as we woke up to a cold windy and rainy morning, I thought yep, Summer is definitely over and the seasons are changing again,. I love living in a climate that experiences noticeable changes in the seasons every few months and visually, Autumn is no doubt my most favorite season

So here it is yet again, with a few additions:


Although London is always full of tourists, the major crowds seems to die down, the city seems a little quieter and less busy, so it's the perfect time to enjoy the last few days of the caffs' and restaurants' outside seatings, breathe in the crisp autumn air and watch the leaves in Hyde Park go from green to yellow and red.

The brilliant display of colours and the way the leaves fall and gently blow in the wind seems so peaceful relaxing

I enjoy the perfect medium (Swedes, read: "lagom") between freezing and hot; cool

Soups - I could live on soups. and a crusty newly baked bread or baguette from nearby french bakery, PAUL

A nice cup of spicy Chai latte, while curled up with Bear and Sean on the sofa with our cosy blanket after a long day

being able to curl up in a warm sweater without boiling, and with a good book in one hand and a hot cup of chocolate in the other

my morning jog is more of a pleasure in the crisp Autumn air 

Socks and slippers - a proper excuse to wear one of all my silly pairs of slippers/UGG-type shoes. As soon as the nights get colder and temperatures drop, I pull out my favourites including my comfy PJ's (Primark is great for those!), and matching slippers and socks. So cozy! :-)

Boots - You can simply never have enough pairs of boots. Hunter wellies, soft and supple ones that goes with anything, over the knee boots, or a pair of stylish riding boots.  Boots are a must in Autumn!

The evenings that are chilly enough to light lots of candles everywhere (but not cold enough to put on the central heating).

Sleeping with the windows open and laying in some mornings with Bear, snuggling under a few duvets 

I can't wait to jump through puddles and leaves with Sean, who this time last year was not yet walking

Romance - for some reason, Autumn seem to remind me of blossoming love (new romance for the singletons), and getting a taste of that romantic bug, have a weekend break in a country side hotel with a log fire etc.

Wardrobe changes - I really enjoy bringing out the neutral colours and then of course the layering. I LOVE layering. B'friend - cardigans, light sweaters and v-neck jumpers, big woolly or cashmere scarves etc. Luv it all!


idaplida said...

Ja - det var tokigt att vi missa varandra i Bodrum!

Vet du...det är 15 år sedan...jag var i London 96/97...helt tokigt!

Mkt har hänt sedan dess....

Ska genast läsa din blogg och få mig en uppdatering :)


Catharina said...

Ida; oh my, 15 ar sedan, nu later vi ju jatte gamla haha. Men kul hade vi det, i mitt hyrda sovrum som jag delade med 2 andra! lol
Hittar dig pa FB sa vi kan ha lite narmare kontakt :-) Kramar!

Fashion Mom said...

I love the autumn too, especialy for the cashmere!
But I still prefer summer because I have always cold.
I am just back from Cannes and I didn't want to come back home :-(
love your blog, I've put your link blog on mine. x

Catharina said...

FashionMom: I simply love Cannes too, so glamourous! Thank you for linking my blog, I appreciate it! :-) x


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