Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday Sixteenth September, Two Thousand and eleven

Big bunch of lilies fills our living room with a gorgeous and happy scent this weekend!

TODAY I am feeling happy! It’s Friday, I had fairly good night’s sleep, the weather is beautiful, I am going to get MARRIED in exactly two weeks and the tickets for our honeymoon has just arrived! It suddenly dawned on me that this is REAL, it’s actually happening and boy am I looking forward to my BIG DAY!

Bear and I spent ages coming up with songs for our wedding reception playlist


I will be admiring father and son swimming at our country club followed by a leisurely lunch

De-clutter my wardrobe in prep for Autumn

Choosing which clutch to wear at the wedding. It’s between a white YSL or Prada.

Having a baby sitter over to get introduced to Sean and play with him for a couple of hour whilst we are still at home. This is what you call the “settling” period when you first get a babysitter, as opposed to just leave your child alone with an unknown person.

Bear and Sean will get fitted for their kilts

Watch a movie; “Friends with Benefit”

Well that’s all I can think of right now anyway..

Have a wonderful Friday and a very happy weekend!

Maldives - here we come! :-)


Anna at Amerikana said...

Ah, have a BLAST my blogger-friend! Wedding, prep and honeymoon! The ring is BEYOND!

Maldives reminds me of my days as an analyst and you can think of me when you walk through immigration in Male, that I created the whole layout for the passport-reader-system in the Maldives! Good times.. a very looong time ago...

These days, I am a mommy and American Personal Shopper;) haha! xoxo

(BTW, my former AmericanFootball playing husband is looking to catch the annual NFL-game in London, if so we all need to meet for lunch and some drinks!)

Fashion Mom said...

omg! it's so exited ! x

Catharina said...

Anna; Awwww thank you blogger friend! Such an exciting time ahead of us, really can't wait :-)
And yes, Bear and I would love to meet you guys for a bite to eat and some drinks, if/when you come over. Just let us know in advance! x

Fashion Mom; Yes indeed - we are so looking forward to a baby free honeymoon x

Lena said...

Yeeeah, vi akte oxa pa smekmanad till Maldiverna, vilken o blir det? Paradis!!!!!! Nu blev jag riktigt avis :) Kram

Catharina said...

Lena; ja det ska verkligen bli en fantastisk upplevelse. Vi har spenderat manga sena kvallar med att hitta den perfekta on som ticked all the boxes. Namnet kommer snart upp pa bloggen. Kram!

Prinsessan said...

Åh, ni kommer att älska Maldiverna!

Prinsessan said...

Åh, ni kommer att älska Maldiverna!

Catharina said...

Prinsessan: ja, jag kan verkligen tanka mig det. Langtar! :-)


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