Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday morning preps

Not much of a tan left from our Turkey holiday -  although it shall be topped up on our upcoming honeymoon in warmer latitudes! :-)

Good Morning! Can I just say that I was overwhelmed by the amount of lovely messages I have received here on the blog over the weekend. It really brought a smile to my face (and Bear's, as we read them together). I was also amazed to see comments from so many "new" readers - thank you for introducing yourselves! :-)
Well, with only three(!) weeks away until we become husband and wife, preparations are in full effect already!

I can only imagine the stress brought upon you on your big day, so therefore I have now booked an hour's massage for my Mum and I, on the morning of the wedding. 

Massage is just one of those things that is incredibly good for the soul. And body too of course! It melts away all sorts of tension and there are so many other benefits too, as it helps relieving pain, it releases endorphins which makes you feel happy, it improves circulation and reduces stress. You simply can't go wrong with a massage!  

I have booked one hour's Thai massage to relieve stress on the day of our wedding, at the Lemongrass Boutique Spa, only down the road from me. 

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