Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Denim DIY

I dug out my old denim jacket which is roughly 10 years old if not more.
After a couple of attempt in the washing machine I have now bleached it to the exact bright and summery stonewashed colour that I wanted.
It will look fab above a floaty dress or a pair of short together with wedges. Very pleased with the outcome, and it saved me a few quid as well, not having to purchase a new one :-)


Prinsessan said...

Hallå tjejen, du har en utmaning hos mig :)

Susanne Snäll said...

Är det verkligen samma jacka? Grymt snygg. Bra jobbat!

Catharina said...

Prinsessan; ok vad roligt! Den ska jag ta mig an nar mamma akt hem nasta vecka. Kram!

Susanne Snall; Tack sa mycket, blev sjalv valdigt nojd, men det kravdes hela 8 dl klorin hehe


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