Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mandarin & Mari Vanna

On Tuesday night we went for a night out with my brother and Diamandis.  The evening started off with drinkies at The Mandarin Oriental

Erik had told us to arrange for a baby sitter that night, and had booked a table at the brand new Russian restaurant, Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge, as it was my delayed birthday celebration.

I loved it immediately as it was so charming and authentic with all the ornaments and old photographs, and clearly it's a successful concept as they have also one restaurant in St Petersburg as well as one in New York.

There were mainly the stereotype wealthy Russians there, but the waiters were very welcoming indeed and showed us their wide selection of Vodkas as we arrived.  We all tried a traditional Russian dish (chicken kiev, beef stroganoff, dill dusted boiled new potatoes and courgette fritters with smoked salmon etc) to get in to the spirit and let me just say, it was our first visit but definitely not our last! 


Ástríður said...

Looks cosy!


Catharina said...

So very cosy! Valdigt hog mys faktor :-)

Anonymous said...

Vilka stiliga herrar du hade sällskap av :)...och snygg dam de hade sällskap av, förstås :)

Prinsessan said...

Coolt ställe, dit får jag gå nästa gång jag kommer till London! Hoppas ni hade trevligt!

Prinsessan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Catharina said...

Jenny; Tack! Oh ja verkligen, lucky me! :-)

Prinsesssan: Ja det var verkligen speciellt och rekommenderas varmt!


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