Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter!

 With the long bank holiday weekend approaching, Easter is a time I think, to spend with your family and good friends enjoying yummy foods and eating lots of chocolate eggs!
I have just finished cleaning the windows, tided up, bought gorgeous long stemmed pussy willow twigs that sits beautifully in my tall glass cylinder vase.  I also moved the RL cable knit cushions and blanket from our bed to the sofa. In all honesty I didn't think it will look right as they are not as crisp white as the sofa itself, but I think it looks great, so they will stay.
Now we're just waiting for Bear to come any minute so we can start the celebrations! 

Warm and heartfelt Easter greetings for you and your loved ones



Marie said...

Det blev riktigt snyggt med de olika nyanserna av vitt, classy!

Hoppas ni också får en härlig påsk!

Unknown said...

Happy easter cat, bear and sean. Here's hoping your card arrived on time! Have a lovely day tomorrow with little megan. x

Lady E said...

Ønsker deg og familien en kjempe fin påske. Ble så koselig i din sofa del i stua =)

Catharina said...

Marie; tack vad kul att du ocksa gillade det xx

Unknown: Thank you dear Linda, and thank you very much for Sean's card! You and your family were missed at the bday party xx

Lady E; tack, hoppas du och din familj ocksa haft en fin pask. kram


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