Monday, 16 April 2012


I started my day off by making myself my first ever cup of coffee made with our new Nespresso machine

 I had my little soldier kitted out in his brand new (Toy Story) arm and knee shield plus helmet that Auntie Keri got him

 .... I read several chapters of my newly bought book, whilst having a yummy but healthy outdoor lunch at the very lovely Coco Maya in Connaught Village

...and I dreamt myself away to warmer climates, as I booked and confirmed a family holiday in mid September, at the same hotel (and same room with a sea view) in Turkey as we stayed at last year :-)


Prinsessan said...

Alltid härligt med en semester att se fram mot!

Catharina said...

Prinsessan: Ja verkligen, men inte forran efter sommaren ju... Forhoppninsvis blir dar nagon resa dessforinnan ocksa :-)

Anne said...

Lovely photos! A sun holiday sounds good especially with the cold weather we have now:)

Catharina said...

Anne: thank you very much! and yes, what dreadful weather we are experiencing now, and its not about to stop anytime soon either, according to the Met office


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