Saturday, 24 August 2013

And so I've reached the halfway mark in my pregnancy!

Today I'm wearing a maxi kaftan dress with angel sleeves and a drawstring waist to show off my 20 week bump :-)


How far along: 20 weeks

Movement: So much more now! I feel something almost every time I sit down or lay back, mainly after eating or drinking, and it a blessing each time

Sleep: I know it's because of shifts in my metabolism and hormones that I feel a lot warmer, but I'm becoming SO hot and sweaty in the middle of the night it's not even funny! And once waking up it can take me up to two hours before falling asleep again. This is probably the toughest preggo problem Im dealing with at the mo

Nails and Skin: ok

Hair: nightmare

Symptoms: Itchy scalp, boobies and bump. Heartburn - Sweet Jesus the burning pain is agony! Not being able to paint my toe nails without being in pain or at least very uncomfortable.  Also, getting out of bed is now harder than ever - I have to roll onto my side to get up

Cravings:  Spaghetti, baguettes, crisps and orange juice - i.e only carbs! 

Next scan booked: 3rd September

Love Cat


Ástríður said...

Chewing gum and sparkling water helped be with the heartburn. I also always slept in a loooong silk gown when I became heavier, that way it was easier to move in bed, haha =)

Best regards,

Catharina said...

Astridur: Thank you, that's really helpful, will definitely try that as it's only seems to be getting worse at this stage .
Love the idea of long silk gown - how clever :-) It's already hard to move and turn from one side to the other, so that too I shall put to the test.

Warm rgds


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