Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Country bumpkin or city slicker?

For weeks Andrea and I have been looking online at properties in Beaconsfield, and last week we arranged an appointment with the estate agent who's been assisting us.

So yesterday Sean and I got on the train from Marylebone to Beaconsfield where Andrea picked us up in her car. First we had brunch at Beech House, which was recommended to us, and then the viewings began.

The train journey itself only took an incredible 22(!) minutes from the west end of London to leafy Buckinghamshire,  and for the same price as the Marylebone Village mews house that we've been to see several times recently, this is what we would get:

Well the big question remains; do we pack up and leave central London for more space, with another baby on the way?! Country bumpkin or city slicker? Only time will tell.... ;-)


Miss Marie said...

Oj! Det var lite skillnad! 22 minuter är ju inte långt med tåg heller, men det är klart, London är London! :)

Helena Walsater said...

Definitely country bumpkin! I know you love London but you won't be far away and imagine the peace and quiet in Buckinghamshire and the lovely times you can have in that garden. Imagine what you could get up here in the North East for that money! Check out Darras Hall online if you want to compare prices for fun, it's the most upmarket area around here where footballers and other millionaires live. xx

Ástríður said...

Wow that looks lovely!


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