Saturday, 17 August 2013

New moses basket on rocking stand and cable knit blanket

There are quite a lot of items to consider when you're expecting a baby. Some things I consider must-haves, some are would-be-nice-to-have and some not-at-all-necessery. And for me, the Moses Basket is definitely a must-have!

I used a Moses Basket for Sean, and what I really like about it is that it is portable. He could be getting a bit tired downstairs, so I would then gently put him down in the basket on it's stand and rock him to sleep in it. Then I'd easily carry it upstairs to our sleeping loft, without disturbing him the slightest.

Once they outgrow it, it makes a great kids' toy basket, or like this time around, a baby doll bed for when my little girl will be a little bigger :-)

And this is our new Moses Basket, that now sits in our front room. I also bought the softest prettiest little pink cable knit blanket for it. I makes me so happy just looking at it! 

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