Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fetal Wellbeing Scan

Bump today @ 32 + 3 weeks
bump side view - with 53 days remaining until due date
My little bambina covering her left side with her hand, really resembles an alien more than anything on this 4D scan from Friday lol! However, in my eyes, the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen and who makes my mummy-heart melt already :-)
32 week ultra sound scan results 

On Friday I had a 32 week growth scan, and I felt mixed emotions, i.e so happy to see my baby again and see her little heart beating away, but sad to see that she is indeed still footling breech as I thought. 

That uncomfortable lump I can feel between my belly button and under my ribs is her head, and the constant kicks to my bladder confirms she has her feet wedged firmly down there. 

So far I've tried a couple of positions at home (lying on back with my hips elevated on cushions, as well as the Forward Leaning Inversion which means kneeling on the sofa with my head on floor), to try and turn her, but I'm more and more convinced that many of these methods are old wives tales, and I am thinking that it's probably more a coincidence if they do turn. 

The sonographer said she already weighs 2 kilos and which is more than Sean weighed at this stage, and her predicted birth weight will be around 3.8kg if I deliver at 40 weeks (Sean weighed only 3.2kg, and I was 12 days over-due when I gave birth to him!)

 Length wise she measured about 6 days ahead of schedule, but it's all perfectly good and within the 5th to 95th centile. 

Bear and I was told that everything looked very normal and her growth was also consistent and in line with the graph from the 20 week Anomaly Scan. My eyes welled up from relief, and I looked up and smiled at Bear, and grabbed his hand just a little harder that second 


Miss Marie said...

Härligt att höra att allt är bra med lilltjejen! Du ser verkligen helt fantastisk ut som gravid!

London Mummy said...

Marie; Ja, phew, tank att det ar nerve wrecking infor var gang man ska pa ultra ljud genom hela graviditeten. Tack vad gullig du ar - sjalv kanner jag mig som en valross haha Kram! x

inge said...

I have heard so many people who have tried acupuncture for breech and the baby has turned. Maybe it is worth checking into.


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