Friday, 29 November 2013

Remember, remember, the 27th of November :-)

Bear and I set the alarm for 6am, got up and prepared toast with peanut butter and a hot chocolate for Sean, and surprised him with singing 'Happy Birthday' as he was pretending to be asleep 

Ta-dah! The custom-made hedgehog chocolate cake that the young man chose himself

Blowing out the five candles

When it's your birthday, a little slice of cake is allowed before going to school :-)

I can't quite grasp that I'm soon about to feel the same strong motherly love I have for Sean, for another little person!

My dashing little man changed in to this outfit after school (here he is talking on Daddy's phone to his Auntie Keri, who's wishing him happy b'day)

And off we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park 
WW provides endless entertainments incl rides that suits all ages

The entrance is free (although everything is very expensive there so make sure you have cash with you as they don't take cards!), and you will never go hungry or thirsty with numerous stalls selling all kinds of food and drink.

Daddy taking a break from all the rides, with a German beer and sausage, in the Bavarian Village 
Sean in his new black glossy hooded puffer coat from Moncler - providing stylish warmth when the temperatures falls - so much so that he had to take it off at one point for being hot lol 
In a taxi going home after all the fun - tired, but very happy :-)

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