Saturday, 23 November 2013

The one where I'm sobbing

Today bump is 33 weeks

Lately I've been super duper emotional.  A news story about a child hurt or dying will make me sob uncontrollably. 
In fact ,the smallest thing can set me off, and early this morning I sat and stared at the new cot that we just assembled with all the pretty pink bedding etc, and I couldn't stop sobbing. Those were not sad tears, but still... 
I remember being emotional at the tail end of my previous pregnancy, but nothing like this! 

I'm also anxious about anything from my baby's health, the delivery, and how I will cope afterwards if I have a caesarian, about cot death, how Sean's gonna adapt to not being the centre of attention all the time.. well the list goes on... Oh and the most pathetic one was yesterday when I sobbed after dropping my glove, and there was no one there to help me pick it up! All part of the hormone overload I suppose....  

Did I mention my latest addition the list of my preggo problems? Well here you have it; varicose veins - Sweet lamb of divine they H.U.R.T! ( (sob!). I went and got measured at a pharmacy yesterday for a pair of very sexy surgical compression stockings which should at least ease the pain a bit, and reduce risk for blood clots. 

Last but not least, as I am not allowed to air travel, my boys have gone to Scotland without me, to visit Bear's family for the weekend  (yeah, that's another sob story LOL!). However, my other two favourite fellas, Erik and his bf John, are coming over for some Swedish mulled wine later- that should no doubt help me snap out of this pregnancy roller coaster -  well at least temporarily :-)



Hope said...

Usch, nu får du mig att börja gråta också och jag är ju inte ens gravid ;-)
Vad bra att din bror och hans pojkvän kommer och hälsar på. Jag kan tyvärr bara trösta dig med en stor kram!

London Mummy said...

Hope; Tusen tack, och manga kramar tillbaks till dig <3


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