Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sean 5 years today

27 November 2008 - Sean, here only a few hours old 

We were sitting on the bus together the other day, and I was stroking Sean's head, like I always do, looking at him and remembering the first time Mum and I took him on the bus (with our big "Rolls Royce" of a pram, the 'Emmaljunga') to Kilburn, back when he was just five days old. 

My Mum stayed for six weeks back then to help me with my new mummy-role, but after that it was just me and him everyday, going on adventures around London town, and developing a child/parent relationship, and I remember I did everything to keep him safe and sound. 

Sean introduced me to parenting and all the wonderful things that come with it. He is really funny and smart, and personally I think he has a sense of humour, well beyond his 5 years.

My favourite thing about him, though has got to be his big heart. He is so compassionate and full of love. He shares, is often selfless and it makes me so incredibly proud of him. 

Yesterday he brought home a gift from school for his baby sister, a prize he had won for completing a task. And he decided to pass it on to his unborn sibling  -  how thoughtful is that?! Also, I honestly can't count on two hands how many kisses he gives me daily!

He has made me a better person, a more patient person that's for sure, and these have been the fullest and best five years of my life. 

Another thing that I must highlight before I go is that he has taught me that there is such thing as unconditional love, and I am grateful for every single day I get to spend with him!

Happy Birthday my darling son, my flesh and blood, my treasure - I love you immeasurably 

Now let's get the celebrations started shall we?! 


Unknown said...

happy happy (belated) birthday sean. We hope he liked his monster gifts!

Hope said...

Happy Birthday Sean!

London Mummy said...

Hope: Thank you dear :-)

London Mummy said...

Unknown: LInda, many thanks for Seany's bday gifts - I will write you separately in an email soon.


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