Monday, 23 December 2013

Nespresso coffee & "Little Christmas Eve"

Over the weekend we popped in to the Nespresso shop in the basement of Selfridges, to top up our coffee capsules, as the java consumption will no doubt increase during the holidays. I bought 20 sleeves (each containing 15 capsules) of my fave Lungo flavours, the colour blue and orange. I also branched out and got the new flavours vanilla and chocolate.  

I am eager to try out the "Vanilio" in a home made Espresso Martini, and the "Ciocattino" - well it's got to be a hit, as I have always loved mochas, and the combo of coffee and chocolate :-)

PS see how our Christmas tree is "shrinking" as the pile of pressies grows larger each day!
Today is known as "lillejulafton" - Sweden's Little Christmas Eve - and I've got a maximum of 17 more days of being pregnant!

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