Sunday, 22 December 2013

Preggo update @ 37 + 1 weeks

A glorious London morning greeted me as I woke today, and I went on a slow but yet uplifting walk around the beautiful Regents Park

During my last appt with my consultant, he advised me of that I should not go over-due, with all the problems I'm experiencing. He will see me in the morning of 31st December and examine me internally to see how things are progressing, and determine if a c-section is needed. 
Either way, I will come in on 9th January, two days prior to the original due date, to be induced and kick start labour, or have a Caesarian. Having said that though, I hope she appears much earlier - I am so done now, and ready for our little addition to join us. 

Other news is that as of yesterday (at 37 weeks), our baby is fully baked, which also means that I actually could literally give birth at any given moment and she will not be considered premature. 
Overwhelming but very exciting! All this hard work is about to pay off, and a bottle of a chilled Billecart-Salmon Rose, is sitting in the fridge waiting for me to just pop it open..

My nesting instinct is now in full throttle and I'm packing and re-packing the hospital bag, folding, unfolding and organising the baby clothes, sterilising bottles and today I've been assembling the new gorgeous pram that's just arrived (pics to follow).


Ástríður said...

So exciting! Hope everything goes well =)

Have a wonderful christmas.


London Mummy said...

Astridur; Thank you very much, yes these are very exciting times, but can't help but feeling nervous. 14 more days today so the countdown has started. Hoping you had a fab xmas with your family x


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