Saturday, 7 December 2013

Preggo update - Thirty five weeks

My ever expanding bump @ 35 weeks today.
As it's getting more and more difficult finding clothes that fits, Im focusing more on accessorising. Here wearing a ring and cuff - two of my fave black and gold pieces

To think we'll have another little person in the house in just five weeks is insane, or even more crazy, she is full term at 37 weeks, which means labour could be as little as two weeks away  - Eek!

Currently she is about 47cm in length and weighs over 2.7kg, and I can feel how her weight presses on the nerves in my legs and pelvis.

Speaking of weight, I know for a fact that I have gained a LOT,  a lot more than last time. That, I am sure of. Mainly on my bum, hips and thighs! I don't really walk now - I simply waddle, or lean back when I walk down hill.

I stopped weighing myself after I had gained about 12 kilos which was quite some time ago now, and then removed my scale from the bathroom! I also tell the nurses who take my blood pressure and weigh me each time prior to my antenatal appointment, to NOT say my weight out loud as I stand on the scale.

They then write it down in my little booklet which I have not yet looked in. My body is performing miracles right now, and I simply don't see the point in knowing my current weight.  However, I certainly will find out a couple of weeks or so after the birth!

I am getting period like pains in my back and around my ovaries a few times per day, but never lasting more than a minute or so. My boobies are beginning to get sore again like in first trimester, the nosebleed continues at least every other day, I am wearing surgical stockings from morning to night or else my varicose veins bulge, and my feet puff up every evening - not a pretty sight I can assure you!

Baba No 2 is really quite feisty in comparison to her brother, who was a lot more chilled in my womb. 
You see, No 2 doesnt seem to like any sort of pressure on the stomach. Not even me resting my hand loosely on it, then she will respond quickly with a sharp kick as if to say "Oi, move you hand!"

It's amazing, and at the same time amusing to watch. To think there is someone living inside me who already knows what she doesnt like LOL 

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