Monday, 16 December 2013

Whirlwind week

iPhone images, clockwise L to R:
Sean watching a personalised message from Santa (this is genius, and free - a tip to all parents with small kids!)// My darling friend Anna who's also due on 11th January(!) came by for our weekly meet-up// My bump from different angle at 35 +4 weeks // Hubby & I outside Scotts - the perfect people watching spot in Mayfair// Anna's son Nick and Sean had lot's of fun dressing up during a play date// Latest crush:"Chanel Boy bag" silicon iPhone 5 case with long chain strap


Tabitha said...

Another Swedish beauty, just like Stina, I was born to the wrong parents!

London Mummy said...

Tabitha; Aw, thanx! Well as my husband is also Scottish like yourself, hopefully our kids have the best of both worlds ;-) Thanks for stopping by x

Tabitha said...

LM- the boots are the 50 50 boots from, hmm I think Russell and Bromley, so comfy, you'll love them.

London Mummy said...

Tabitha; Thank you for that, must look em up asap as I think they will feel nice on my "pregnant" feet lol Thankfully I live only 10 mins walk from R & B :-)


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