Saturday, 18 January 2014

Scarlett Grace's first week

Belle Princesse 
Cuddle time with Daddy

For those of you who don't know, I was induced at the gestation of 39 weeks and 5 days for PSD (pubic symphysis dysfunction) and also due to very painful and bulging varicose veins in my groin

Battered and bruised, the day after the night before

Sean has really been a true sweetheart in every sense of the word, and he hasn’t shown any aggression or jealousy at all so far

Dilated at 9cm, there was fetal tachycardia (Scarlett Grace's heart rate too high), which resulted in an emergency c-section

Bear didn't waste any time to nurture the Father Daughter Bond 

The baby blues kicked in almost exactly 48 hours after giving birth - I was so touchy and teary, and I spent more or less all of that day crying - the hormonal changes are for real, and they are so intense! 

Mummy's nose, there's no doubt about that!

Uncle Erik found time in his busy schedule as a junior doctor to come and visit on the second day
My breast milk came on the second day and we were all eager to see if Scarlett Grace latched on ok, which she did! 

After three nights at the Lindo Wing, it was time to say good-bye to the wonderful staff..
...and off home we went! 

Monday, day 3: My health visitor (whose job it is to support me and my baby) came round, and had not been in the house for more than like one minute before she asked me to drop my undies, so she could check on my stitches LOL - according to her the wound is gratefully healing well

Two more little hands, Two more little feet, Now our family is complete :-)

Pram Premiere - I was itching to get out of the house despite being in a lot of pain, and after finally waking up in my own bed on Tuesday morning, I felt great mentally and insisted on getting out and proudly walk around town with my daughter

Tick Tock - it's Champagne o' clock! Scarlett Grace's first visit at the pub was on Tuesday - only 4(!) days old
It feels so surreal to finally have her in different places around our flat, that we’ve pictured her in for so long now - here in Sean's first Maxi Cosi car seat

The past few days have brought so much magic and happiness into our home, and I can't wait to discover more about our little girl with each new day..

Long periods at a time are being spent snuggling with Scarlett Grace on the sofa or in bed, and it totally melts my heart when Sean leans over and gives her these sweet kisses on the head

I can stare at our tiny precious person for hours, and I just love hearing her make her sweet little sighing noises 

Uncle Steven was down from Scotland and joined us for dinner at the pub followed by drinkies at home (perhaps a few too many judging by this pic LOL!), and said hello to his new niece 
We try to stick to a feeding routine- courtesy of Gina Ford - every four hours (roughly 90ml at a time), and it seems to be working really well - she is a good eater and has quite an appetite this young lady!

Brunch with my girlies on day 5 at Canteen on Baker Street
Some days are worse than others, and I am physically limited in what I can do, which I find so frustrating – I just want to go out and DO things, which thankfully is possible with a little help from my Mum!
Scarlett Grace had her first trip to Zizzi Restaurant on day 6 - and the Paddington Street branch is perfect for a large pram
Total happiness! 

Day 6 and she still hasn't lost her stomp! 
Mum has now been here for precisely a month and I got used to having her around, so it will undoubtedly be difficult when she's going back home next Saturday
Someone special, Someone dear, Someone new to love is here  

Our first week at home has of course been an adjustment – but overall it's been absolutely wonderful!

Thanks for all your kind congratulations and sweet messages! We are so grateful to have a wonderful network of support – virtually, by you guys, and with my doctor brother and Mum here in London too.

Again, a heartfelt 'Thank You' for the well wishes -I've loved reading every single one of them! 



Anonymous said...

My God, you are out looking glamorous and gorgeous already, what a trooper!
The pic of Bear and his daughter brought a tear to me eye, so lovely, what a moment to capture. And yay for mums, where would we be without them?

CarolineEiLondon said...

What a journey you have all had. The picture of Sean kissing his sister brought a tear to my eye.

I am in awe at how well you are coping after such a hard time. And whilst it may be very shallow to point it out- you look amazing. So fresh faces and radient that nothing on these pictures would tell what a tough labour you had.

Dont forget to rest- really. I am sure your dr brother and caring mum & hubby remind you but here is a gentle reminder from me as well. Rest;)

Carins said...

Ah vilka underbara bilder! Ni ar sa fina hela familjen! Och det verkar verkligen som att du mar toppen trots en utmanande forlossning. Tanker pa hur jag sjalv sag ut en vecka efter forlossning - definitivt inte lika snygg som du! Forstar att det kanns tufft att din mamma ska aka hem snart. Njut och forsok att klamma in sa mycket vila du kan medans hon ar dar. Kram

Tant Anna said...

Så härligt att få följa er första vecka tillsammans med er lilla nya prinsessa. Underbara bilder på hela familjen :)
Kram Anna

johanna modemamma said...

Men välkommen till världen underbart ljuvliga lilla Scarlett Grace.
Hon är helt bedårande!!!
GRATTIS vännen.
Bra kämpat. Förstår att det var tufft. Nu är det över och ni kan bara njuta av er fina lilla prinsessa.
Här i Stockholm finns en liten kille som gärna ser Scarlett som en framtida flickvän. ;) Han föddes 11/1.
Nu har vi båda en av varje. Så mysigt!
Vi mår bra. Men puh vad trött man är. Och mina bröst värker och smärtar som bara den....
Pussa på underverket från oss och grattis igen.
Hon är verkligen helt ljuvlig!

Hope said...

Underbara bilder!
Och du är uppe och går ser jag :-)
Du och Scarlett Grace ser oförskämt pigga och välmående ut, så otroligt vackra ni är båda två!
Och storebror Sean får jag ju inte glömma, han är så fin med sin lillasyster och pappa med sin dotter, så sött.
Stolta mormor och uncle Eric, som sagt underbara bilder!
Blir så rörd så jag börjar svamla, bäst att sluta ;-)


inge said...

Such lovely photos and you are looking amazing. Take it easy and get lots of rest. You have such wonderful family and support. Many congratulations again. Enjoy each precious moment.

London Mummy said...

Tabitha; haha yes perhaps a little too much - think I might have over done it a tad bit! Hubby keeps telling me to slow down, but I'm struggling as that's just not me! Yes I dont know what I would do without Mum's support.

CarolineEiLondon; Thank you - that's such a lovely compliment! But don't be fooled by the pictures..I was pretty much in constant pain the first week, although thankfully it's easing off a bit now. Yes, labour was dreadful and I'm struggling to cope with the "failure" of pushing, and also trying to come to terms with accepting the fact that it resulted in a c-section. But hey ho, its been worth it in the end with a much longed for baby daughter :-)

Carins; Tusen tack! Vad gullig du ar! Ja det blir en omstallning nar mamma akt, men det ar dags att step up och klara mig sjalv med min road to recovery hehe. Jag ar sa tacksam for den tiden hon varit har, snart 6 veckor! Kram pa dig!

Tant Anna;Tack tack, vad kul att du uppskattar min och min lilla familjs journey :-) Kram Kram

Johanna; vilket race det har varit, och sa fods ditt lilla gosse barn bara en dag efter Scarlett Grace! Ja, denna forsta tiden ar helt underbar, man svavar pa moln (rosa i mitt fall hehe!) - Ta vara pa den sa mkt som mojligt for den kommer aldrig igen. Yes trotta, men lyckliga :-) Bamse kramar!

London Mummy said...

Hope. ah vad go du ar, haha you make me laugh! Du ar for rolig!Tank att vi har sadan paverkan pa dig :-) T.A.C.K for dom fina orden, dom varmer gott!! Stor Kram!

London Mummy said...

Inge; a humble thank you - I think perhaps my happiness is reflecting in the pictures - I'm on cloud 9, and I have no intention of coming off any time soon lol
Warm rgds from London to Ireland x


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