Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Think pink!

Pink for me is synonymous with sweetness - all kinds of pink shades that is. pink, hot pink, blazing pink, blush, bright pink, cerise, nude and 
soft pink (and my latest love is the colour combo dove grey with pink)!
Oh the sheer joy of dressing my girl in my favourite colour :-)


Unknown said...

Now that is an explosion of pink!! Isnt it funny how meanings attached to that colour have changed over the years - it used to be thought a masculine colour until turn of last century! Our own dear daughter has made a conscious decision to avoid pink as it minimised arguements with her "girly" girl pals over such impprtant issues as who gets the pink plate, the pink plate, the pink mug etc!

Tant Anna said...

Hon är ju för söt er lilla Scarlett Grace ;) Och du ser ju oförskämt vacker ut. KRAM ANNA

London Mummy said...

Tant Anna; tack kara du - vad snallt sagt! Kram och trevlig helg!


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