Monday, 27 January 2014

Snippets of our weekend

Keeping the cold at bay in this gorgeous knitted Winter dress from Baby Gap
Picking out drinks for our guests on Saturday evening at The Winery on Clifton Road - With it's log fire (it's like stepping in to someones living room!), and wines that are all personally sourced by the owner, makes it a little gem in central London

Proud brother insisting on pushing his sister around town
Our little family gathering around Scarlett Grace as she is being bathed

Getting on the bus with a big pram like my Stokke Crusi could be intimidating, but as I'm used to the equally large Emmaljunga pram, I have no problems manoeuvring it on to London's not too buggy friendly double deckers 
My little angel is on average only awake two hours a day, but on Saturday we managed to keep her awake for four hours, which is a record by far!

Bring out the tissue box pls! It gets me every time I see my two children snuggled up together and I'm simply bursting with pride!

Minute steak and vino for lunch with Erik and John at a French restaurant in Maida Vale 


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress, I'd wear it!
And wow, you are a wonder, I'd have a hard enough time getting on a bus these days without manoeuvring a pram too, mother are wonders!

Ástríður said...

She is wonderful! Congratulations on everything, I hope everything is well.


London Mummy said...

Tabitha; Yes I agree, buses are tricky even without prams, but the key is to avoid rush hour! Yes the dress is adoralbe, isnt it?! :-)

Astridur; Thank you so much - she is everything I've ever dreamed of x


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