Tuesday, 7 January 2014

"THE" pram!

I am in love with my new pram - it's so sleek, modern and versatile! 

Let's just say that when I was buggy hunting, I didn't know what I wanted, only what I didn't want, and that was the Bugaboo with the very low seat! I had seen the Stokke Crusi but didn't like any of the colours it came in. Until now that is...

This is the brand new "Beige Melange" and it's very different from the previous "Beige" (see close-up pic for the actual colour).  
The Crusi can be expanded to a double stroller with the option of a separate sibling seat, but I won't use that feature, as Sean is simply too old for going in a pram!

I love the large shopping basket underneath - amazingly spacious and perfect for when I go on grocery shopping etc. 
Other fab features are that the seat unit can be used for a high chair in restaurants, and it's so sturdy which is ideal for living in central London with it's very uneven roads/pavements and high kerbs. 

We got the complete set (ordered from here), i.e the carrycot (so snug for a newborn!), which will hold your little one up until around 6 months, and the Xplory & Crusi seat unit for the following 3 years. Now I just need a baby to push around :-)


Ástríður said...

That's a really nice pram. We have the Bugaboo which I love! The only downside to it is, as you say, the low carrycot but we only used that for the first six months, so now it doesn't bother me.

Look forward seeing you push your daughter around in it ;-)

P.s. thanks for the nice comments on my blog!


London Mummy said...

Astridur; yeah the main issue with the Bugaboo for us was the hight as my husband is so tall, hence we went for the Stokke.
Hope your New Year is off to a good start!


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