Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A historic dual - election fever

I know I haven't mentioned the US election at all here in my blog, and that is not because it doesn't interest me. In fact, with a father who's a politician and a mother who was very politically involved when young, it has indeed rubbed off on me and I always enjoy discussing politics (although Bear and I don't always seem to agree) .

Well, I thought I'll mention it since today is the big day. It’s now time for the final battle, and at the moment it seems Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois has a slight lead over John McCain, the Republican rival from Arizona. But what does that mean really? I have stopped trying to predict. I did it in 2004 and was surprised when Kerry lost, so that experience taught me not to confuse expectations with reality when it comes to US politics.

And even if Obama seem to be the winning candidate (and i do sincerely hope he wins) and most people say they will vote for him, I just don’t know... I mean, ask any American and NO ONE admits to voting for George Bush. Same thing now goes for McCain..I don’t hear anyone saying they are voting for him, but let’s just hope that is the case.

America needs a change! Would any thinking person believe that their current Government is not in need of fundamental change? Everyone knows this, but not all are willing to admit it... Let’s hope people come to their senses this time around.

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