Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pregnancy Stats

Bump at 25 weeks 5 days  

 - Even though I'm  feeling enormous, every time I pass a mirror I'll stop in amazement and look at my expanding belly - it's my new fave body part for sure!  

 - Feeling so much bigger (and in reality I also am!) this time around and with the pelvic pain issues, the pregnancy is by far much tougher this time around. 

- Sleep: Whilst being preggo, you only have two options for your sleeping positions - your left or your right side! And to be resting all your body weight on one hip can be very painful.  I am using my pregnancy pillow between my knees and under the bump, which does helps a bit. But it doesn't stop me from waking up at unearthly hours for no reason, and then laying awake for absolutely ages before I drift off to sleep again :-(

 - I've noticed lately that I get in a very defensive mode abt my belly when I'm out and about and am protecting it from passers-by.

 - Don't have the linea nigra (dark vertical line of pigmentation) yet, but then I didn't get it last time either.

- I'm getting very emotional for the smallest of things that goes against me (also when watching the news!), and the other day I cried in Waitrose when they didn't  have the coconut milk I wanted - I kid you not!

 - I try and keep my hands on my belly most times I'm sitting down so when I feel she's kicking me, I gently push back like I'm saying hello to her - It's so nice to connect with my daugher already :-)

 - Depending on how the first birth went, it does seem like second pregnancies are more relaxed by the medical professions, and my obstetrician told me yesterday that he has put me in the 'Low Risk' category, which is always a relief. 

 - Growth:  my bambina is growing fast, and currently she is around 35 centimetres from crown to heel.  I've come to a point in the pregnancy now where she is officially considered viable.  If she was born now she would have a though time no doubt, but still have the chance of survival.

 - My cravings keeps changing but for the last couple of weeks it's been toast with raspberry jam. Lot's of it ;-)

YUM! Breakfast this morning, plus another two slices, ha! 

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