Monday, 28 October 2013

School's out!

I'm sitting down, choosing suitable bed-time stories, as my pelvic pain is simply too much to bear when I'm standing up for longer than a minute :-(

Libraries and free museums are a perfect indoor activity for children during the holidays

Grandma's visit is unfortunately coming to an end now and Sean has already started counting the days until she returns in December!

This week is half term which means no school for Sean for the next five days. It can be a challenge for parents to entertain the little ones, especially during the October half term with shorter days and darker nights, and of course the good old unpredictable weather! 

This week we've got plans to dress up for Halloween, practise the piano further, visit a farm on Friday, when Bear's taking the day off work, and going to the library which we already did this morning. There we borrowed books to be read at bed time, and also books that he himself can read. 

I definitely think one of the biggest boost to your child’s development is reading, and whether you have them read to you, or you sit and read them more complex stories -  half term is a great excuse to visit the library and discover the world of books. 

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