Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sleep update at 28 weeks pregnant

Large, and in charge *wink* 
- Bump from all angles today @ 28 weeks

Sleep update:

Apart from the restless leg syndrome that kicks in just as I try to wind down and go to sleep,  (it's a crawling, creeping or tingling sensation, as well as the urge to move my legs constantly!), I experience strong pelvic pains every time I try to change sleeping position.

And, I also wake up at least two/three times a night for a wee...
Having said that though, in a strange way, I'm somehow starting to enjoy that (I'll regret saying that later ha!) 
Because if I wake to go toilet around 3am or 4am - when I then lay back down in bed, I can feel my baby girl awake moving around in there...

So I get to share these special quiet moments alone with her, and I just curl up onto one side, and hold my belly and try to fall sleep again envisioning my daughter as she's awake at the same time as I, whilst Daddy sleeps peacefully next to us, and Sean too, in his room  :-)

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